The 14th Annual Ponte Vedra Cardiovascular Symposium is sponsored by the North Florida Cardiovascular Education Foundation (a Florida 501-c3 Non-Profit Medical Education Foundation) for the principal purpose of providing the highest quality of evidence based scientific information in clinical Cardiology.   This 14th Annual Symposium will maintain the highest standards established by previous years’ symposiums, namely to present this high quality professional education that is immediately applicable to improve patient care in a format that promotes active interaction between the attendee and the expert faculty in a CME environment that is free of commercial bias.

The emphasis of the program is on clinical knowledge, based on the best evidence based scientific information available.   Each faculty presenter is instructed to provide this information in a lecture format that initially emphasizes the basic scientific knowledge base and then relate this data to support the clinical information presented. In addition, panel discussions are organized to allow attendees to expand understanding of both the basic and clinical information. The intended audience is ACC Clinical Cardiologists, ACC Cardiovascular Associate providers (ARNP, PA, Technicians), as well as Internal Medicine Physicians, Emergency Physicians and others with a commitment to excellence in clinical care of patients with Cardiovascular disease.

The 14th Annual Ponte Vedra Cardiovascular Symposium fulfills the need of this regional population of Cardiovascular providers by providing a forum for in depth presentation of the evidence based medicine in specific areas of Cardiology in a format that encourages direct interaction with the expert faculty. This year’s symposium will provide additional time with our faculty members as we will have individual breakout sessions following the morning and afternoon agenda to allow you to spend time with the speakers of your choice in a smaller audience group. Case studies will be presented and discussed and additional time is allotted for your particular questions or areas where you would appreciate additional insight and information.

The Annual Ponte Vedra Cardiovascular Symposium directly relates to the attendee CME learners by the most fundamental of all teaching methods: direct interaction with the faculty expert in the field. As educational needs are determined by the methods cited above, the North Florida Cardiovascular Education Foundation Board of Directors works closely with the program directors to develop the expert faculty needed to provide the unbiased CME information to meet these educational needs.

The North Florida Cardiovascular Education Foundation Board is confident that the 14th Annual Ponte Vedra Cardiovascular Symposium will again meet and exceed our CME goals by presenting the highest quality of cardiovascular professional educational information to a large group of attendees focused on the practice of clinical Cardiology.